Traditional Indian Jadau - Polki - Kundan Jewellery

Polki Jewellery

Polki jewellery are beautiful ornament made from raw diamonds(uncut diamonds).Polki is always in great demand and highly valued because of its natural form. It is also much shinier and much more expensive than kundan jewellery.While both Jadau and Polki use many of the same fabrication techniques they are visually and stylistically quite different. A search of Indian jewelers will display many fine examples of both styles

Jadau Jewellery

Jugal Kishore Jewellers & Bankers provides jadau  jewellery. Traditional Indian Jewelry with a Highly luxurious Style. Jadau derives its name from the colloquial language ‘jad’ (which means to embed on any thing).These elaborate adornments are generally planned with an overloaded of jewels and valuable stones,set in pure gold, in designs that are represented by profound layers with shaded polishes. Jadau jewelry is a mughal Art,this art requires artisans of great skill with a teamwork to accomplish a  particular stylised jewellery piece. 

Kundan Jewelery

Kundan Jewellery is traditional Indian rajasthani style jewellery that comes time of mughal era.  The word kundan itself means highly  pure gold, and this type of jewellery generally involves pure gold,usually with a core of wax.