Navratan Open Your Fortune

Benefits of Navratana Gemstone

Indian Vedic astrology, Navratna holds extreme positive energies of nine astrological planets, which is operative for people with an inclusive weak birth chart. Besides representing the characteristics and metaphysical concepts of good fortune, these gemstones effectively work to improve the mental, physical, social, financial, professional, and marital conditions of a person.

  • Ruby (Manik)- Represents the Sun (Surya)
  • Pearl (Moti)- Represents the Moon (Chandra)
  • Diamond (Heera)- Represents the Venus (Shukra)
  • Emerald (Panna)-  Represents the Mercury (Budha)
  • Red Coral (Moonga)- Represents the Mars (Mangala)
  • Blue Sapphire (Neelam)- Represents the Saturn (Shani)
  • Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)- Represents the Jupiter (Bṛhaspati)
  • Hessonite (Gomed)- Represents the Rahu (The ascending lunar node)
  • Cat’s Eye (Lehsunia)- Represents the Ketu (The descending lunar node)

Ruby (Manik)

Ruby is recognised as ‘King of Gemstones’ as it is the most precious and popular among all gemstones. It represents most powerful Sun planet in astrology. the Ruby is undoubtedly one to catch your attention with its bold color, known to boost both health condition and relationships.

  • Color:- Red to blood red colored
  • Found:- Africa, Burma
  • Finger:- Ring finger
  • Neck:- Pendant with the gemstone touching the body
  • Metal:-  Yellow gold 
  • Zodiac Sign:- Leo (Western and Vedic)
  • Mantra:-  ‘Om Ghrini Suryay Namha’, घृणिः सूर्याय नमः


Facilitating Love and Passion

Growing and Incredible Success in The Work Front


Better Financial or Social Status

Emerald (Panna)

Emerald (Panna) is precious green variety of Beryl mineral. Vedic astrology suggests wearing this gemstone to rise out of negative impacts created by a weaker Mercury in an individual’s horoscope It is Birthstone of May month, Vedic teachings, these green gemstones foster success and bring with them insight and creativity.

  • Color:- Bluish Green to Pure Green
  • Found:-  Columbia, Zambia, Brazil, Ethiopia
  • Finger:- Little Finger
  • Neck:- Pendant with the gemstone touching the body
  • Metal:- Yellow Gold 
  • Zodiac Sign:- Gemini and Virgo (Vedic), Cancer (Western) 
  • Mantra:- ‘Om Budhaye Namha’, बुधाय नमः |


Enhance Senses and Calm Skin

Believed to improve one’s concentration

Facilitates effective communication

Blue Sapphire (Neelam)

 Blue Sapphire (Neelam) guided by the planet Saturn (Shani), Associated with loyalty, love, clarity and friendship. Blue sapphire stone is extremely helpful for individuals experiencing a tough period time of ‘Shani Sadhe Saati’ or ‘Dhaiya’ in their lives. Birthstone for the month of September, these tremendously durable blue charmers are perfect for jewellery to help channelize good energies, believed to maximize the power of the gemstone.

  • Color:-Pale Baby Blue to rich Royal Blue
  • Found:- Sri-lanka (Ceylon), Burma & Kashmir Region
  • Finger:- Middle on the Right Hand Finger
  • Neck:- Pendant with the gemstone touching the body
  • Metal:- Gold 
  • Zodiac Sign:-Libra, Capricorn and   Aquarius
  • Mantra:- ‘Om Sham Shanicharaya Namah’, ऊँ शं शनैश्चराय नमः ।




Love & Joy

Mental Calmness from Anxiety

Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)

 Guided by the mighty planet Jupiter (Brihaspati), yellow coloured gemstone belongs to the Corundum mineral family. Associated with cheerfulness and success. The stone can be worn for Business, Marriage, Child Conceiving, and Career.

  • Color:-  Yellow Coloured (Golden Lemon)
  • Found:- Sri-lanka (Ceylon)
  • Finger:- Index Finger of the Dominant Hand
  • Neck:- Pendant with the gemstone touching the body
  • Metal:- Gold, Rose Gold or Silver
  • Zodiac Sign:- Sagittarius (Western) and Pieces(Vedic)
  • Mantra:- ‘Om Brim Brihaspataye Namaha’, “ॐ ब्रिम बृहस्पतये नमः।


Marital Bliss

Child Conceiving

Alternative Healing

Health Rejuvenation

Diamond (Heera)

Diamonds,Heeras guided by the planet Venus (Shukra).Diamonds symbolizing wisdom, purity, and clarity, Diamonds (Heera) are a powerful gemstone,that is often linked to luxury and glamour. Used in engagement rings and jewelry, the diamond is one of the most popularly demanded gemstones .

  • Color:- Colorless Variety
  • Found:- Australia , Botswana, Brazil, China, Congo, Russia, South Africa
  • Finger:- Middle on the Right Hand
  • Neck:- Pendant with the gemstone touching the body
  • Metal:-  Gold, Yellow Gold 
  • Zodiac Sign:- Sagittarius (Western) and Taurus and Libra (Vedic)


Creative Guidance


Radiating Confidence

Bring Good Luck and Wealth

Pearl (Moti)

Pearl contains powerful astrological importance in the Vedic astrology  & is worn to calm the planet Moon  in the wearer’s birth chart and is extremely effective in anger, skin & heath.Pearls are broadly categorized into fresh water & salt water pearls. Most fresh water pearls come from China. Main types of salt water pearls are – Akoya from Japan, Tahitian from French Polynesia.It brings Peace, Positivity, mental & emotional stability and also good health.

  • Color:-Color of a Pearl is Dependent on the Mollusk-Creamy Yellows, Pinks, Oranges, Toned Blues, Greens and Violets
  • Found:- China, Japan,Venezuela,Basra
  • Finger:- Worn on the little finger of the dominant hand
  • Neck:- Pendant with the gemstone touching the body
  • Metal:- Silver 
  • Zodiac Sign:-  Cancer
  • Mantra:- ‘Om Son Sonmay Namaha’, सों सोमाय नमः


Supports Anger Management

Brings Clarity in Thoughts

Improves Maternal Relationship

For Healthy Eyes, Skin & Heart

Cat's Eye (Lehsunia)

In Vedic astrology, Cat’s Eye is the gemstone for the religious planet ‘Ketu’ ( ‘Dragon’s Tail’ ) Cat’s eye gemstone has bright band of light across the surface called Chatoyancy. Cat’s Eye ( Vaiduryam in Hindi) is a semi precious gemstone, should only be worn upon recommendation by an astrologer . It  is worn to boost the benefits of Ketu in one’s horoscope, benefits most during the Dasa phase of Ketu

  • Color:- Yellowish green, Grey, Honey
  • Found:-  Srilanka , Brazil, India
  • Finger:-  Worn on the middle finger of the right hand
  • Neck:- Pendant with the gemstone touching the body
  • Metal:- Gold
  • Zodiac Sign:-   Pieces (Vedic) Leo (Western) Cancer


Moves and Individual Closer to Spiritualism

Protects its Wearer from Road Accidents

Improves their Financial Conditions

Offers Wisdom and Intuition

Hessonite (Gomed)

Hessonite (Gomed ) is an important  gemstone because of its association with the planet Rahu. It is highly recommended to be worn by people undergoing Rahu Mahadasha in their birth-charts,gemstone is worn to defeat the negative results of Rahu as well as known to be extremely effective in financial condition and career and businesses.

  • Color:-  Reddish to orangy Brown
  • Found:- Sri Lanka, Brazil and California.
  • Finger:-  Worn on the middle finger of the right hand
  • Neck:- Pendant with the gemstone touching the body
  • Metal:- Yellow gold and silver
  • Zodiac Sign:-  Aquarius (Western), Libra and Taurus 
  • Mantra:- ‘Om Rang Rahave Namaha’, “ॐ रां राहवे नमः”।


Improved Position and Power

Better Gastric

Respiratory and Mental Health

Creativity, Clarity and Confidence

Red Coral (Moonga)

Associated with Mars planet, moonga is an organic gem that comes with some rich flaming hue,  formed under the Sea by marine creatures. Red coral is extremely successful in treating Mangal Dosh and guarantees success in management roles, Financial Status Sports, Business & Health.

  • Color:- Deep reds, In-between shades of Orange-Red 
  • Found:- Italy and Japan
  • Finger:- Ring finger of the working hand /of the dominant hand
  • Neck:- Pendant with the gemstone touching the body
  • Metal:- Yellow gold and Copper
  • Zodiac Sign:-  Aries and Scorpio (Vedic) Aries (Western)
  • Mantra:- ‘Om Ang Angarkay Namha’, अं अंगारकाय नमः। 


Success in Team Management

Better Digestive Health & Immunity

Boosts harmony in one’s married life

Success in Real Estate Business